our roots

Back in 2012, we envisioned an avenue to giveback to our local community of Baton Rouge, but we weren't quite sure what that would look like. As creatives and musicians by trade, our natural inclination was to lean more towards serving our community in those respective fields. Literally, out of no where, "swimming lessons" just kind of popped up. At the time, we knew how to swim well enough for ourselves, but faciliting swimming lessons was a whole other thing!

Once swimming lessons piqued our interest, we then began to do research and stumbled upon some stats that floored us. According to a study conducted by USA Swimming, 70% of minority children do not know how to swim. This issue even extends beyond race with the startling statistic that about 10 people drown daily with at least two of those victims being children. Upon becoming aware of these hard truths, we were left with two options: either do nothing or figure out a way to bring change in this area. We chose the latter and the rest you can say is history!