How it works

It starts with the kids!

How do we find the youth we teach? Over the past five years, we've received the kids we instruct through partnerships with faith based organizations and youth focused non-profits, and also our online registration. From there, we organize them into small teaching groups by age and then place them with the instructor we feel is best suited. Our age range is 5 on up.

How do the kids get to and from swimming lessons? Everyone who participates in Tankproof is responsible for their own transportation. Whether they are bussed or carpooled by a participating organization or transported by an adult, we do not directly provide transportation.

How are the kids trained? Each child enrolled in Tankproof completes one session of swimming lessons. We have four instructional days per week and each session lasts two weeks. That's eight concentrated days of specialized instruction.

4 Days = 1 Week. 2 Weeks = 1 Session. Every child gets a session.

Our goal for each young person is to give them a broad understanding of water safety and precautionary measures, while at the same time aiming for them to attain a foundational level of skill and comfort in the water. If they were to ever find themselves in a danger, our hope is that we properly equipped them to save themselves.

We're not only teaching an essential lifeskill with our swimming lessons, we are also instilling confidence that transcends for beyond the pool! Swimming is the greatest fear most Tankproof enrollees. We teach that if they can conquer their greatest fear, then when many of them go back to school in the fall, science will be no problem, social studies will be no problem, math will be a breeze, etc. Confidence is contagious!

Where Does the money Go?

All funds donated go to these areas, all of which directly advance our organization:

  • Pool rentals and staff payroll that includes instructors and administration.
  • "Lesson enrichment", which ensures that our kids have the best possible swimming lesson experience. This includes items from daily snacks, all the way to backpacks! We believe our kids deserve the best, so we strive to provide it for them.
  • Marketing and ads to help spread the word.
  • Apparel and promotional merchandise.

The graph below shows our dynamic growth and impact to date with the generous donations we've received.