Gonzales Day 7

Putting it into words, we'd describe today as a step back and then two steps forward for a few of our kids. For some reason, some of our younger ones just weren't having it today! The water has been their friend all week, but for whatever cause, the pool had turned into some blue, liquid monster that was set on devouring them. Of course we're being dramatic, but that's what it felt like after the first 15 minutes of coaxing and forcing. Once comfort had set it, we were back to business as usual, refining technique and teaching new strokes. We also got to take some extended time to put in some extra work on life-saving.

Drexel Perkins from Kingdom Fitness was our speaker today! His message to the kids about how champions endure and conquer challenges was right on-time for all of us. The kids were very receptive and we're certain that each of them found something to take away.

We wrap up our swimming lessons for the summer tomorrow. It's been a record year for us as we continue to grow and learn how to better serve the youth we are privileged to teach.

Jambalaya Park

Day 7