Gonzales Day 6

Today was made special by having the presence of Mrs. Nan Fontenot on-deck with us! Six years ago, without her help, wisdom, and love, Tankproof would not be as effective as it is today, so it's an honor to have her out with us in Gonzales. 

The overall highlight from today's lesson was comfortability. The kids as a whole are just really enjoying themselves and it's a joy for us to teach and watch this transformation take place. Again today, we placed a heavy emphasis on technique and life-saving. When jumping into the deep end, a lot of the kids were pressed to jump further out into the water and get back to the wall more efficiently by maximizing their technique. It's important that they do this without any help because if one of our kids ever finds himself or herself in an adverse situation, this training is designed to have them prepared.

We were pleased to welcome Darry Beckwith from the Darry Beckwith foundation to share some motivational goodness with our kids today. Darry is a former National Champion and defensive standout with LSU and a former linebacker for the San Diego Chargers. His foundation operates and exists to aid and mentor young athletes as they mature and grow through sport and in life. Darry gave the kids the road map to success by laying out the three things they'll need to have a successful journey through life. Patience, trust, and giving are the three golden keys he expounded on. What really made it real for the kids was his amazing demonstration! He took one boy, made him close his eyes, and spun him around five times. Completely disoriented, the boy had to be rely on the voice of another, exercising patience and trust while he was being led towards Darry with auditory commands. When the boy made it to Darry, who himself represented a goal or a dream, he was rewarded with $20! This powerful demonstration stuck with everyone who witnessed it and seared into our minds all of the good that follows patience, trust, and giving.

Jambalaya Park

Day 6