Gonzales Day 5

The start of the second week of a session is always a little bit of a push. It's much easier to keep the ball rolling than it is to begin again, but hats-off to our instructors for taking the correct measures by giving extra reps last week to make sure skills stick. We've got some new faces added to our instructor corps this week as well. Assimilating quickly with a group of kids could potentially be a challenge, but there was none whatsoever today. Practicing life-saving was today's main focus. The goal for the kids is to put together the arm movements, the leg movements, and proper head position to be able to jump into deep water, get to the side, and pull themselves out. Life-saving is our main objective with every skill taught to meet this specific end. Getting into life-saving this early in the week sets the tone for greater proficiency as the week progresses.

Today, we were honored to have Sherin Dawud, from Power Pump Girls Inc., come and speak some powerful words of encouragement to our kids. She spoke about how each and every one of them don't just have gifts, they are themselves a gift. With the purpose of gifts to be given to enhance the lives of others, Sherin really stamped home the power of people coming together and serving one another with their gifts and their whole selves.

Jambalaya Park

Day 5