Gonzales Day 4

Today marks the end of the first week of this session, so that means we are halfway through! [Insert Bon Jovi HERE] "Ohhhh halfway there!" It's been a joyous week filled with progress and personal milestones for our kids. On the instructional end of things, we're focusing on the basics and repetition. Though pushing for advancement is a hallmark of the style of instruction we lean towards as an organization, mastery of the basics is how we chose to round this week out.

With it being the end of our instructional week, we wanted to make sure today was the "cherry on top". We had the pleasure of welcoming Kim Stemple, founder of We Finish Together, a non-profit that shares love, encouragement, and light through the giving of donated medals. Having her come see the lessons, speak to the kids, and then gift them all medals was special to behold for all of us. We're thankful for her time, her care, and her friendship.

Kim Stemple of We Finish Together.

Thurman & Torrence got to share with the kids the importance of Process & Patience. To illustrate, they used Reuben and Jordan, two of our amazing instructors, and pinned them against each other in a race. Jordan is a decorated high school swimmer and Reuben is a talented artist. Jordan has thousands of hours under her belt and has competed at an elite level, while Reuben has put in countless hours and has committed himself to grow in the arts. Both have gone through the process to be where they are, but concerning swimming, only one of them has. For this demonstration, Jordan represented the process and Reuben represented impatience. They both got on the blocks, the kids gathered around, Torrence shouted "Go!", and can you guess who won? The Process, aka Jordan, did, but it was fun to watch them both give 100%!

We also want to send a special THANK YOU to Red River Bank for bringing their ice cream truck out for some post-lesson sweetness! The kids loved it because what kid doesn't like ice cream or popsicles? The mango Italian Ice was our personal fave though!

Jambalaya Park

Day 4