Gonzales Day 3

If we could choose one word to describe today's lessons, it would be "SMOOTH". Every one of our kids that were the most frightened on Days 1 & 2 are now the ones yelling for our attention to make sure we watch them as they go through their drills with no reservation. There's nothing like seeing the power of the bond that happens between instructor and student. It's so powerful in fact, that it literally transforms fear to full-on confidence and willingness.

Today was made special by a visit from King DM Fresh! He spoke to the kids after today's lesson and dropped some gems that we could all takeaway. DM encouraged everyone listening to never stop learning and positively reinforced the kids with his own chant, "I'm smart. You're smart. We're smart. Let's go!" It was the perfect way to wrap-up today's lessons.

Jambalaya Park

Day 3